Proof of Accommodation for visa application

Author:Tran Van Chung | 16/03/24

If you are preparing your visa application, proof of accommodation is an indispensable part of the necessary documents list. This requirement plays a crucial role in helping consular agencies determine where you will stay throughout your trip. Mastering how to submit this proof not only saves you time but also increases the success chances for your visa.

What can I submit as proof of accommodation?

In the process of applying for a visa, proving your accommodation in the country you plan to visit is an essential step. Here is a list of types of accommodation proof you can submit:

  • Hotel reservation
  • Invitation from friends or relatives if you plan to stay with them
  • Verification through a structured excursion agency or vacation packages
  • Rental agreement or apartment contract

Hotel reservation

When applying for a visa, providing proof of accommodation in the country you intend to visit is an indispensable step. Among the various forms of accommodation proof, hotel reservations are popular and widely chosen. To do this, you need to submit a hotel booking confirmation letter – also called a hotel itinerary for the visa application.

Hotel booking confirmation letter
Hotel booking confirmation letter

This letter will be issued after you book a room and should include all the basic information such as:

  • Your full name
  • Check-in and check-out dates
  • Address and contact information of the hotel
  • A valid booking confirmation code

Invitation from the host

In the journey of preparing a visa application, proving your accommodation is an indispensable requirement, especially when you plan to stay with friends or family in the country you will visit. Not limited to hotel bookings, another cost-saving option chosen by many travelers is an invitation from the host. This is proof confirming that you will have a fixed place to stay throughout your stay in the country, through the consent of friends or relatives willing to welcome you at their home.

To do this, the host needs to write an Invitation Letter, affirming they will provide accommodation for you. This letter must include important details such as:

  • The dates you will stay
  • The address of the accommodation
  • Full name of the host
  • Other contact information of the host like email and phone number, signature
  • The living space area
  • The number of people living there

This not only helps the consulate or embassy verify information about your accommodation conditions but also serves as a basis to assess the ability to meet the requirements for an appropriate living space. Thereby, it ensures you will have a safe and comfortable place to stay throughout your visit.

Invitation letter for Schengen visa application

In the process of preparing a Schengen visa application, an invitation letter from a host in the country you intend to visit plays an important role in proving your accommodation evidence. It’s especially noteworthy that although Schengen Area countries implement a common visa policy, each country has its own regulations regarding the host’s invitation letter. Therefore, it requires special attention from the visa applicant to ensure that all specific requirements are accurately complied with.

Visa invitation letter
Visa invitation letter

Here are some key points you need to remember when using an invitation letter as accommodation proof for your Schengen visa application:

  • France and Luxembourg: The host needs to submit the original of the Declaration d’Accueil (hospitality declaration), an official document confirming the capacity and intention to receive guests.
  • Austria: The host must request an Elektronische Verpflichtungserklärung at a local authority in Austria and hand this document to the Austrian agency no sooner than 30 days before the applicant’s visa appointment.
  • Belgium: An “Engagement de Prise en Charge – Verbintenis tot Tenlasteneming 3 bis” must be stamped by the local authority and bear the embossed stamp of the diplomatic office.
  • Netherlands: In the Netherlands, the inviter is required to provide the authentic Guarantee Statement, accompanied by three pay slips or income reports and the employment agreement of the person extending the invitation. If the host is self-employed, they need to submit additional business registration, a tax decision called “down aanslaginkomstenbelastingen”, an official document from the tax “Belastingdienst”, and a copy of the profit and loss account.

Verification through structured travel arrangements or vacation packages

In the context of evolving tourism, many travelers choose to participate in organized tours as part of their international travel plans. For these individuals, proving accommodation when applying for a visa can be achieved through Confirmation from an Organized Tour Operator or Holiday Tours. This step is crucial not only in proving a clear accommodation plan but also in demonstrating the seriousness and thoroughness in planning the trip.

When using confirmation from a tour operator, there are several important points you need to note and remember:

  • Basic information of each accommodation: Ensure that the confirmation letter from the tour operator includes the name, address, phone number & email of each hotel, inn, or guesthouse where the group will stay throughout the trip.
  • Check-in and check-out dates: Details about the arrival and departure dates of each accommodation need to be clearly stated, to prove a continuous accommodation plan throughout the trip.
  • Booking name: Information about the name under which the rooms are booked, usually the name of the tour operator or a representative of the group, also needs to be present in the confirmation letter.
  • Legitimacy of the tour operator: The tour operator providing the confirmation letter must be legally recognized and authorized to operate, to ensure the validity of the documents provided.

Rental agreement or contract

In the process of preparing a visa application, proving your accommodation in the country you intend to visit is an essential part that cannot be overlooked. One of the ways to prove this is through a Rental Agreement or Contract for the place you will stay during your visit.

Some key points you need to remember when using a rental agreement or contract as proof of accommodation for your visa application are as follows:

  • Landlord’s information: The contract should have the landlord’s first and last name, along with contact details such as email, phone number, and home address.
  • Address of the rental place: Ensure that the contract provides the specific address of the apartment, house, or room you will rent.
  • Rental period: The contract must clearly state the rental period, including the start and end dates.
  • For the rental’s legality: Both the landlord and the tenant must sign the rental agreement, and authorities in the visiting country must legally register the property.